Thursday, February 19, 2009

Two Seconds From Shaving My Head!!!!!

Mama said there would be days like I am 4 months into transitioning and my hair is growing like crazy, that's a good thing right? Except I can't do a dern thing with it!!! I am trying to do the whole protective styles thing - you know, buns, twists, french braids - which works, but because of the two textures it is tangling and then I try to detangle etc. in the shower and it works, but then my hair is sopping wet - I am having a time!

Then of course this past weekend I went home to NY to visit and my hair was looking crazy, so I decided to get a roller set while I was up there - it seemed like a good solution at the time, but with my thick roots and straight ends, it just looked crazy and my husband wanted to take me out to dinner - I just couldn't pull it together. I cried and refused to go out - he thinks I am being crazy and said maybe I should start with trying to texturize my hair and gradually go natural that way - bless his heart, he's been reading some of the blogs so he can be supportive - but me being stubborn, I want to go full monty so-to-speak and don't want to do that.

So now that we're back in MD - I've been just wearing two french braids twisted around into a fancy bun - it works but getting my edges under control takes some work. I had scissors in my hand and really thought about just BCing - but I don't want to do that either.

....Sigh....patience, I just gotta have some patience.

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    Ok...listen. We need to plan a day out. I know you're a planner -- so here's MY plan. Wake up early..make breakfast for the hubby and the baby. Shower, get dressed and say I'll be back. Grab your bags..and I'll be in the parking lot waitin on you? Deal?