Friday, May 8, 2009

A Change Of Plan...

So in my last post, I wrote that I decided to braid my hair for the duration of the summer to protect it and give it a break and to take my mind of of transitioning...well that idea has flown the coop so-to-speak.

I've decided to do a drum roll chop! That's right I'm cutting some of my hair. What is the motivation behind this move? Well it has a lot to do with the fact that my hair is breaking badly. Even with all the moisturizing and protective styles, I just can't save these chemically relaxed ends - I mean I can just run my hand over my hair and come away with strands. So in the interest of not going totally bald, I'm going to cut some of the hair off and get a bob. My hair is currently bra strap length, but hey I've cut my hair before so it's no big deal.

This is the style I'm getting:

I'm pretty excited - I'm getting it done today in preparation for Mother's Day!
Wish me luck and Happy Mother's Day!