Friday, June 5, 2009

Welcome to Summer - Summer Hair That Is!

Hello everyone! So I've been away a bit, busy with "Mommyhood", but I figured I'd take a few, sit back and chat - so-to-speak. So, I live in the MD/DC area and the humidity here is quite disgusting - maybe it's because DC was built on swamp land, maybe it's because it has alternately rained and been 85+ outside every day, but this heat does something to curly haired girls!

So in my last post you'll remember I did a mini-chop and got my hair bobbed. At first I will admit I wasn't all that happy with it, but I think that it was more because I was unhappy with my salon experience - but I'll save that for another day - let's just say, no one should be made to wait 3 hours before the stylist even touches their head! So anyway, I tried doing roller sets and then wrapping - just wearing it in a sleek look. Well...let me tell you ladies - my hair would look AWESOME until I stepped out the front door. Before I would even get to work I could feel my hair rising off my scalp and crinkling up - all of my careful work down the tubes.

Thirsty hair pulls in water from the atmosphere and causes the hair to plump. And my hair is perpetually thirsty, no matter how much moisturizing I do!

So I finally gave into the curl!! I mean let's be honest, why fight nature? Because nature ALWAYS wins...LOL! So I made my own little concoction of products that works really well for me and placed in a spray bottle. Every morning I just mist, diffuse slightly or air dry (depending on how pressed for time I am) and go!

I mix:

Giovanni Direct Leave (this stuff is absolutely great for my hair)
Shea Butter (for extra moisture)
Redken Curl Boost (for definition)

I shake this all together and it works great! Now I know that the Redken stuff is definitely not on the natural list, but it works so great for definition on my hair. I did try the Kinky Curly Custard and while it did define my curls quite nicely, it also left my hair crunchy, so I use it very sparingly.

Though I have been natural before - I've never had my hair in a nearly natural state (it has been 8 months since my last relaxer) at this length (just below my ears) and I've got some very nice ringlet action going on. My hair forms ringlets that are about pencil width in diameter. I'm so excited about this entire journey! And I am extremely proud of myself for sticking to it and not giving into the temptation to relax.

Anyway that's it for now!