Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Transition Times...

So as you may know I have begun the process of transitioning from relaxed hair to natural hair. I am currently 4 months in and have really embraced it. The one thing that I am both surprised and I must say, VERY excited by is how much support I've gotten! I know that there are tons of young women that are doing it and I get a lot of on-line support (THANK GOD FOR YOU ALL), but I am getting lots of support from family and friends. My mom as I mentioned (Hi MoMo) went natural and is very happy that she did, but the rest of my family is as straight and silky as they want to be....LOL as are the majority of my friends. Nothing wrong with that - I say to each their own and do what is right for you. But I was almost sure that there would be some nay-sayers in the bunch and surprisingly I've gotten a lot of, "Really? Well you go girl! That's great!"
I guess it just goes to show that you never really know how folks will react to anything.

Anyway, I did find a product that I REALLY like - it's called Sexy Healthy Hair - Tri-Soy Wheat Protein Leave-In Conditioner. Now my hair has a huge tendency to be very dry so since I have not been wearing it straight I definitely wanted something that I could put in and leave in. I was shopping around looking for something great that didn't smell awful or that wouldn't leave my hair gunky and came across this. Now I know I am a novice so I am not 100% sure about all the ingredients, but I do know that my hair feels amazing!! Not heavy, but very soft and subtly protected. Maybe if someone who is more up on all the good vs. bad ingredients took a look they could give a much better review of this product than me.

Until next time...happy transitioning....

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