Friday, April 24, 2009

Summer Time!!!

Well it's that time again...summer time! When the weather gets steamy and my hair gets frizzy! LOL!! Don't get me wrong I LOVE summer weather. The clothes are cuter, my mood lifts and I just feel a buzz! But my hair does NOT enjoy this weather - even back when I was not transitioning, the hotter it gets, the humidity creeps and my hair either poofs out into a ball of fuzz or it falls flat into a stringy mess. Now that I am transitioning - 6 months in thank you very much - the two textures are at odds, so I have frizzy roots with stringy ends...ewww!! So I decided that the best route for me would be to get braids. My plan is to get a wash and get a deep treatment and trim my ends, then get braids let them stay in for the safely allowed time of 8 weeks - then take them out, give my hair a 2-3 week break bunning during that time, then get another set of braids.

I think this will get my mind off the transition and cut down on some of the transition breakage I am seeing. I've noticed that my relaxed ends are really fragile and snap like a dry twig in the heat. I've been moisturizing and moisturizing and moisturizing some more, but I've been relaxing for years so I expected this.

Anyway, that's my plan, I feel like it's a good one. I found a braider here in my city that specializes in helping women such as myself that are making the trek towards healthy, natural hair - so she has done this whole, transitioning with braids thing numerous times.

Wish me luck and happy summer!