Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Products, Products Everywhere

Hello out there! So as I am going through this process, I've been trolling sites looking for some products that will be kind to my hair. As I've been reading, I realize there are a million products, combinations of products, must dos and absolute no, nos out there and I must say I am confused!!

I know to stay away from products with alcohol - and let me tell you that cuts the field down to less than half (yeesh...who thought it was smart to put alcohol in your hair?), but still I'm at a loss. Moisture is key - I get that and I know that my hair craves moisture and has a tendency towards dryness (can you say Sahara Desert), but really what should I be looking for? Is a product with Shea Butter better than one with Aloe Vera? What about a combination of the two?

Another thing - what about product hype? I read a lot of mixed reviews about Miss Jessie's products - either you love them or you hate them. I got the travel pack - you know the 2 oz of everything for like $50 as opposed to one jar at $50. I tried the Curly Meringue and umm, I have to say that I didn't like it much. I realize that I am NOT completely natural yet, but I was curious, so shoot me, but it made my curly hair oddly crunchy. Now the Baby Buttercreme wasn't bad, it actually smells good and gives me some moisture - however it did work better on my son's hair (he's got a head full of curls). I also did a coil-out using the Curly Buttercreme on my mom who has 100% natural hair. She made the switch from relaxers over a two year period due to a horrible incident where her hair literally broke off from a bad relaxer (yikes!). The coils looked great - nice texture, not crunchy or sticky.

I'm still getting the hang of everything and as I go along I'm sure I'll find the right combination of products to work for my particular hair type - whatever that is, because I'm confused about the whole hair typing thing too, but I'll save that for another post.

I am reassured by all of the posts on other blogs and forums out there from other transitioners that are running into the same issues on their journeys. So from them I glean hope and know that while the road might be tougher for some than for others, it's not a bad road - it just requires some work.

Until next time, happy transitioning!

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  1. You have to whip yourself up some shea-aloe...I love the stuff. I suggest you go on youtube and enter shea aloe into the search and you will come up with all kinds of simple recipes.